Come Bring Reality to Virtual Reality

You don't need us to tell you that VR is on fire right now. It's one of the fastest growing new technologies, and one that's been forecasted for decades. We don't have jetpacks and space travel yet, but we sure as hell can pretend that we do in VR.

We at Junction are probably more excited about VR than almost anyone. So we decided to make it a flagship track at this year's hackathon and also do a free and open VR Jam in Reykjavik to help new developers get started in VR and experienced VR developers get the time, space and mentoring from experts to build something cool.

This is no PPT-filled marketing snoozefest. At Junction, we're all about building cool new things, and that's exactly what the VR Jam is meant for. If you build something cool enough, you get to the stage of Slush PLAY!

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750 in prizes

Travel Reimbursements to Junction Main Event (5)

Devpost Achievements

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  • Anyone is free to participate!


  • Will be revealed at the start of the event.


Joakim Isoaho

Joakim Isoaho
Super Evil Corp

Judging Criteria

  • Thinking out of the box
  • Following the theme